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Window & vehicle light Tinting

We use Suntek Xp carbon window tinting film. This film is double ply and is one of the best films on the market.
Window tinting has many benefits to the vehicle.
Firstly it enhances the appearance of the vehicle and gives it that classy, sleek look and gives the vehicle privacy.
Secondly it reduces heat reduction by up to 60% and keeps the vehicle cooler. This also slows the rate of colour distortion to the interior plastic and vinyl of the vehicle.
Thirdly glare from the sun and headlights, is greatly reduced.  Having window tints will also increase the safety of the vehicle, if the glass is ever broken the film will hold it together.
For an additional £70, we can coat all your glass with Siramik Sc15 or Siramik HR glass coating to aid in water repellence on all your glass. This is durable from 3-9 months, dependent upon conditions.

Light Tinting
Enhance the exterior appearance of the vehicle by tinting headlights or all the exterior lights. The film we use is MOT compliant.  There are a range of shades to choose from, from smoke to dark tint. Call for a quote.